What's New - RiceVarMap


We defined a 'Chromatin Accessibility Score' for each variation to evaluate the impact of variations (especially for non-coding variations) based on chromatin accessibility data. This information can be found at 'Search for Variation by Gene' page and  'Search for Variation information by Variation ID' page.


Gene expression atlas added into RiceVarMap, gene expression across the tissues and stages can be queried at "Search for Variation by Gene" page.


We added callus, root, young leaf, flag leaf, and spikelet's chromatin accessibility data to RiceVarMap, which can be searched in "Search for Variation by Gene" page.


Gene symbol and gene name like 'hwh1' can be searched in 'Search for Variation by Gene' page.


RiceVarMap v2.0 has been released!

new genomic variations and GWAS results, improved annotations of missense variations, integrated chromatin accessibility data for non-coding variations.