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You can search for SNPs using only a gene ID (MSU gene locus identifier, e.g., LOC_Os01g39670) or using upstream and downstream distance together with the gene ID (e.g., LOC_Os01g39670 + Upstream: 1kb, Downstream: 0kb) for a larger region.

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You can retrieve gene IDs using a specific functional keyword (e.g., Cellulose synthase, cellulose or glycosyltransferase), a gene symbol (e.g., Ghd7, Ghd8, or GS3), a RAP ID (e.g., Os01g0100500), or a MSU ID (e.g., LOC_Os01g01040), and then click the listed gene IDs to get detailed information.

Note: wildcard character '%' can be accepted, e.g., cellulos%thase matches Cellulose synthase.