What's New - RiceVarMap

05 Sep 2017

RiceVarMap v2.0 has been released! With new genomic variations and GWAS results, improved annotations of missense variations, integrated chromatin accessibility data for non-coding variations. click here!

07 Oct 2015

Genome variation data (BCF format) has been uploaded into Mega Cloud Storage, users can use this link to download the data.

27 Mar 2015

Genome variation data (BCF format) can be downloaded from Data downloads page.

14 Sep 2014

Cultivars can be searched by keywords from "Cultivar Information" page.

14 Sep 2014

Added an option "Download CSV File Only" on "Search for Genotype With SNP ID" and "Search for Genotype With INDEL ID" pages. This is the quickest way to obtain genotype data using SNP/INDEL IDs.

09 Sep 2014

We have updated "Search for SNPs in a region" page. Users can choose different populations to get the major allele frequency in these populations.

25 Aug 2014

"Search SNPs with Gene Function or Gene Symbol" and "Search INDELs with Gene Function or Gene Symbol" functions support RAP ID now.

07 Aug 2014

Added Design Primer by SNP/INDEL ID function and Design Primer by Region function in tools menu.

06 Aug 2014

Added tools menu. Including Blast and Haplotype Network Analysis tools.

04 Aug 2014

We have added a new function to draw haplotype network in the "Search for SNPs Within Gene " result page.

25 Jun 2014

A new design for webpage.

25 Jun 2014

Added cloned gene symbol and explanation to the database.

09 Jun 2014

We have added "What's New" page.

08 Jun 2014

Added a new function! Users can use keywords of gene annotation to search genes (Search for SNPs in Gene page), and click MSU gene ID to get detailed information.